8 Amazing Bread-less Sandwich Ideas That Will Make You Drool


Many people avoid bread for all kinds of reasons. Some just want less carbs while others need to avoid gluten.

Well, here’s the good news You can have your sandwich and eat it too!

We rounded 9 super cool ideas that give the whole “sandwich idea” without using any bread.

Ere are some ideas that you must remember each of them and every time you think of having a slice of bread you can use them.

When you will try some of these “bread-less” sandwiches, they will sure take a special place in your menu.

Yes, we have just warned you :)

Barbecue salmon lettuce wraps
Click here for the recipe:

Red bell pepper sandwich
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Paleo sweet potato buns
Click here for the recipe: platedwithstyle

Grilled eggplant sandwich
Click here for the recipe: mealsandmiles

Gluten free tapioca wraps
Click here for the recipe: glutenfreeonashoestring

Plantain tortillas
Click here for the recipe: zenbellycatering

Cucumber subs
Click here for the recipe: makethebestofeverything

Portabella halloumi burgers
Click here for the recipe: mushroominfo                                                                       

Do we need to convince you more? You should give a try to these ideas and you will never ever buy a loaf of bread.

These sandwiches may be the best idea since we “discovered” sliced bread?

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