Father Of 3 Has Failed Vasectomy, Surprises Wife With Adorable Pregnancy Announcement


This pregnancy announcement has a double whammy of cray cray. Firstly, 25-year-old dad, Tim Brummel had a vasectomy last year and secondly he managed to confirm his wife’s surprise pregnancy before she did.

What the…?

Let’s break it down. Father-of-three Tim had his plumbing procedure last December. When he didn’t hear back from the clinic, he assumed everything had gone according to plan.

This was a mistake.

He then began to notice his wife Rachel displaying some of those telltale symptoms of pregnancy lately. In a video uploaded to YouTube he explained she was acting “a little bit pregnant” and “was tired, a little bit more hungry than normal even. A little bit nauseous.”

The couple had joked about being pregnant secure in the knowledge that it couldn’t be possible after the vasectomy… Or could it?

That’s when Tim remembered that there was never a call from the hospital confirming the procedure’s success.

Cue panic.

The dad secretly called the hospital and discovered to his understandable shock that the procedure had not been a success and that the staff had neglected to inform him of this. So that’s a bit of an oversight.

He decided to surprise his wife with the news, telling People magazine: “How many guys get the chance to tell their wife she is pregnant? I wanted to surprise her!”

Tim decided to disable the flush on the toilet so that when Rachel used it in the morning he could take a urine sample for a pregnancy test. He then broke the news to his unsuspecting wife.

“I don’t know what to think,” says Rachel in the clip. “I’m a little bit shocked. I don’t know if I can believe you.”

It’s worth mentioning at this point that Tim and Rachel already have three boys UNDER five – Jackson (4), Sawyer (3), and Wyatt (1). However, while they weren’t exactly in the market for another child, they are clearly ecstatic.

“We had our plans to adopt, we wanted four or five kids total,” Tim told People.

“And honestly, we might still adopt … (But) this baby was meant to be in this world!”

Congrats to the happy couple who have since discovered that they are expecting another little boy.