Panicked Seal Jumps Aboard Whale Watchers Boat, Narrowly Escapes Pack Of Killer Whales


Nature can be adorable but wildly frightening when it has to run its course. Predator and prey must do what they need to in order to survive.

One family got to experience a seal’s incredible escape from its natural predator, the Orca “Killer” Whale by jumping onto their boat for safety.

The Fraser family caught the whole incident on video as they were out on a whale watching adventure. If you look closely you can see the orca pod on the hunt, making their way to entrap a small seal off of the coast of British Columbia.

The cute seal sensed the danger and made a last minute attempt at escape by jumping onto the Fraser family’s boat. The seal squeezed its way between the boat engines, desperate to survive.

“All of a sudden it is between the engines, with whales all around under the boat,” said Kirk Fraser, the father of the family. “Then the seal jumped on the boat. It was madness,” he said.

Fraser said the orcas continued to circle the boat for 30 minutes in what must have been a terrifying experience. He mentioned that the family was afraid the whales might jump onto the boat to get the panicked seal.

When the whales finally left from their hunt, the seal hopped back into the water but kept “hanging around the boat, just in case,” Fraser recounted.

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Please use caution when watching this film as it includes some edited coarse language.